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I William Harriman b. 1833 47 NH Farm Laborer NH (father of Elwood)

Margaret Harriman b. 1817 wife of William Harriman 63 ME Keeping House

II Elwood D. Harriman b. 4/17/1865 in Albany, NH died 7/6/1951

III Samuel E. Harriman b. 9/1/1889 died 4/9/1957

Edith H. (Sanborn) Harriman b. 1/13/1883 in Sanford, ME. died 8/29/1968

Fred Sanborn B. C.


1. Ina Finn Harriman b. 11/19/1911 in Buxton, ME

2. Thelma Hazel Harriman b. 1/10/1914 in Waterboro, ME. Married Forrest Frank

3. Everett Harriman b. 4/18/1915

4. Gladys May Harriman b. 5/29/1916 died 4/29/1976 (married Ralph Miller)

5. Cecil Ernest Harriman b. 8/21/1917 in Hollis Center, ME. died on 12/31/1972

6 Estella Ruth Harriman b. 11/9/1920 in Hollis, ME. died at Bridgton Hospital, Casco ME. 6/11/1993

7. Avis H. Harriman b. 1/26/1922 in Hollis, ME. died 5/31/1967

8. Harold Lewis Harriman b. 4/6/1923 Hollis, ME. died 10/23/1926

9. Lawrence Harriman b. (5/1/1924) died 5/1/1926 at age 1 yr. 6 Months

10. Olive Harriman b. 5/3/1931 Naples, ME. died 2/1994

11. Norma (Joyce) Harriman b. 1/26/1936 Casco, ME.

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