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Below is a compilation of information learnt about my DiPietrantonio family history. While the names listed below have been confirmed they are not necesarily complete. This means that it is quite possible there are more siblings in each generation that are not yet known. If you are familiar with any of the names below or if you feel you may be able to help fill in empty spaces please feel free to contact me with any questions or information you may have. ...

Vincenzo DiPietrantonio
Vincenzo DiPietrantonio was born about 1720 and died on September 4 1801. His wife, Angiolina Chiacchia
The sons of Vincenzo DiPietrantonio(known so far)were born in Lettomanoppello, Italy:

  • Carmine DiPietrantonio (Born in Lettomanoppello, died May 9, 1821)

  • Giuseppe DiPietrantonio (Born about 1751, died September 15, 1806)
    Giuseppe married Sabia Marulli.

  • Amario DiPietrantonio (Born about 1767, died june 2, 1817)
    Amario married Sabia Profenna. Son of Amario and Sabia Di Pietrantonio was Vincenzo DiPietrantonio who married Concetta Conte.

  • Giustino DiPietrantonio Born About 1776. Died January 6, 1836
    Daughter of Giustino was Pasquarosa, married Ludovico di Biase and their daughter was Maria di Biase.
    Maria di Biase married Nicolantonio D'Alfonso and their son Giuseppe D'Alfonso.

  • Pascuale DiPietrantonio Born about 1767. Died 1817 in Lettomanoppello, Italy

    For the family lines of Amario and Giustino click on their first names above

Pasquale DiPietrantonio
Known sons of Pasquale DiPietrantonio:

  • Luigi DiPietrantonio (b. about 1792)

Luigi DiPietrantonio
Luigi DiPietrantonio married Concetta Addario who was born about 1794 on Oct. 31 1817
Note that their first "Pasquale died on 9/4/1825 at 3 months old and the second Pasquale was born that following year 7/27/1826.

  • Giustina Maria Rosa DiPietrantonio (b.6/11/1819) Married a Raffaelo Antonio Benedetto Ferrante

  • Nicola Sabia Domenica DiPietrantonio (b.6/15/1822)

  • Pasquale DiPietrantonio - Died 9/4/1825 at 3 months.

  • Pasquale DiPietrantonio (b. 7/27/1826)

  • Angela DiPietrantonio (b. 3/10/1829)

  • Roberto DiPietrantonio (b. 4/30/1832)
    Roberto married Nicola d"Alfonzo, daughter of Samuele d'Alfonzo and Candelora DiPietrantonio.

  • Nunzio DiPietrantonio (b. 2/8/1835)
    Nunzio married Petronilla di Mastrantonio, daughter of Bartolomeo di Mastrantonio and Maria Silvestri
  • Carlo DiPietrantonio (b. 9/2/1838)
    "Carlo" married Antonia DiRenzo in Lettomanoppello in 1861 & was the father of Vincenzo DiPietrantonio born 10/2/1861)

Pasquale DiPietrantonio
Sons and daughters of Pasquale DiPietrantonio & Domenica d'Alfonso were born in Lettomanoppello.

  • Francesca DiPietrantonio (born 10/25/1852)

  • Rosa DiPietrantonio (b. -/14/1855)

  • Santa DiPietrantonio (b. 4/8/1858)

  • Carlo DiPietrantonio (b. 5/12/1863 - 1952)
    Witnesses on the birth record of Carlo were "Domenico Ferrante" and "Luigi D'Alfonso."

Carlo DiPietrantonio
Sons and daughters of Carlo & Flavia DiPietrantonio were born in Lettomanoppello,Italy.

  • Livio (Leo) DiPietrantonio- Born 17 Aug 1894, moved to las vegas, died July 1971

  • Angelina DiPietrantonio (married Felix Terroni)

  • Santa (Cinderella) DiPietrantonio (married Camillo Thomas Ferrante)
    Santa's sons, Rudy and Rocco Ferrante and sisters Aida (married a Tucci) and Ann (married a Macone)

  • Giuseppe DiPietrantonio -(1892-1960)

  • Maria DiPietrantonio born 7 Aug 1900 died 20 Dec 1996 (Mary Aceto- Moved to Las Vegas

    Note: Flavia was the daughter of Pasquale Tesea and Louise Accaprista

Giuseppe DiPietrantonio
Sons and daughter of Giuseppe DiPietrantonio and Florence Foley all born in Concord, NH

  • Steve DiPietro- Family in Concord, NH

  • Carl DiPietro - Family in Kentucky

  • Mary DiPietro - Family in Tenn./Georgia

  • Edward DiPietro - Family in Portland

  • Joseph DiPietro - Family In Portland

Joseph DiPietro
Sons of Joseph DiPietro and Evelyn DiPietro were born in Portland, Maine

  • Joseph Edward DiPietro - Born April 19th ME

  • Michael Anthony DiPietro - Born May 26th 1967

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